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Engineering in the future of Energy

Image4All maintains the path of innovation, betting on the complementarity of its offer so that it continues to be a partner in the development and energy efficiency of its customers. This market positioning strategy is reflected in a renewed website, image restyling and new brand signature.

Innovation with a complementary offer and integrated implementation of services and solutions has always distinguished Image4All. At the beginning of the year, it laucnhed a renewed website, a restyling of its image and a new brand signature.

The engineering company's priority is to ensure the optimization of energy use by its customers, in the certainty that energy efficiency increases comfort and quality of life and improves business profitability and sustainability.

Image4All provides Engineering services and technical consultancy in the diagnosis, development and integrated implementation of Energy solutions in three main areas: Energy Efficiency, Electric Vehicle Charging Points and Safety and Quality of Drinking Water.

“In all the uncertainty that we are experiencing, there is a certainty: energy optimization in its multiple aspects is structural and Image4All works to enhance and develop it”, says the CEO of Image4All. “Over the years, we have been innovating in responses and expanding the range of solutions, both in new investments and in the improvement of existing facilities, to add value to customers and projects”, adds João Loureiro.

The added value of Image4All is reflected in its new brand signature: Energizing Our Future. Presented on a new website, with a renewed image and functionality, the Engineering and technical consultancy in Energy company offers a comprehensive, integrated and quality service in various aspects, based on a technically competent and committed team, which responds to the client with proximity and transparency and with solutions adjusted to the challenges of each project.

“The new brand signature summarizes Image4All's capabilities, skills and strengths to respond to current and future opportunities and challenges facing society and companies,” says Image4All CEO, João Loureiro. “We contribute to a more sustainable country”, he adds.