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Image4All integrates requalification of municipal pools in Miranda do Douro

Miranda do Douro Municipal Pools Requalification

Image4All is responsible for part of the requalification of Municipal Swimming Pools. The project allows for better technical conditions of use, safety and water quality and a more efficient management of the complex.

A Image4All was responsible for the electromechanical specialty of the requalification of Municipal Swimming Pools. The contract enables the Municipality of Miranda do Douro make Municipal Swimming Pools available to the population in excellent technical conditions of use and water safety and quality, as well as ensuring a more efficient management of the amount of energy consumed. The value of the project under the responsibility of Image4All, which is nearing completion, amounts to € 200.000.

Activities developed by Image4All include the supply and installation of water filtration and treatment systems, as well as various equipments for the children's pool and the complex's surroundings.

As João Loureiro, CEO of Image4All, explains that this intervention “Fits into the aim of enhancing sustainability and improving processes, in this case associated with water quality. In this project we have made use of our experience and technical capacity of a specialized nature to make the usability of the Miranda do Douro Municipal Swimming Pool complex as appropriate as possible and contribute to making the proposed requalification goal successful. Goals that I believe have been fully achieved.”


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