Image4All is engaged in providing engineering, architecture and technical consultancy services, in three main areas:


For the Public and Private sectors, we study, design and implement integrated energy efficiency measures aimed at reducing energy consumption, with particular emphasis on photovoltaic systems for self-consumption. In addition, we support companies in applying for community funds in this area.

What do we do in the area of ​​Energy Efficiency?

- Energy Audit (AE)
- Energy Certification (CE)
- Specialty Projects (thermal and acoustic)
- Applications to EU financing in this area

Implementation of solutions (public and private contracts)
- Indoor and outdoor lighting
- Heating systems (gas or pellet boilers)
- Pumping systems
- Window replacement
- Renewable Energies (project and execution)
- Photovoltaic Solar (with or without batteries)
- Solar Thermal for DHW

Building Maintenance
- Building Installation and Maintenance Technician (TIM III)
- Electrical Installation Technician (TREIE)


In a complementary activity, we have developed solutions that concern the management, quality and safety of drinking water. The importance of the PSA - Water Safety Plan in all facilities where there is public water consumption is a legal and fundamental obligation to offer a quality service.


Sale of charging points for electric vehicles in the Public and Private space. Image4All participates competitively in this market as a CPO (Charging Point Operator), under license nº 34, being able to install, operate and maintain equipment anywhere in the country.

IST Vehicle Charging Points User Manual