About Us

We are an Engineering company dedicated to the diagnosis, development and integrated implementation of Auditing and Energy Efficiency solutions, Electric Mobility and Safety and Quality of Drinking Water in homes and businesses.

We optimize the use of energy, increasing your comfort and quality of life and improving the profitability and sustainability of your business.

We develop projects in all matters of public procurement regarding the use of energy in favour of more sustainable and “smart” cities. With a special focus on supporting municipalities and the industrial and services sectors, Image4All adds value both to new investments and to the improvement of existing facilities.

Despite its recent constitution, the company carries with it vast knowledge, based on the accumulated experience of its staff, as well as that of its external collaborators, partners and suppliers. The services are performed without any kind of commercial, financial or other pressure, which may influence the appropriate technical assessment of each situation.

Our intuitive analysis and strategic design and management skills adjusted to the current economic reality convey the conviction of being capable to answer the opportunities and challenges that the areas of Energy Efficiency pose to our community.

We guarantee confidentiality regarding the information acquired in the scope of the work we develop. All employees ensure strict confidentiality and professional integrity, committing themselves to maintaining absolute discretion.


We create engineering solutions for energy efficiency needs, alternative energies, electrical and hydraulic installations, HVAC, electric mobility and water quality, through original processes of identification, analysis and evaluation of performance points. Our technically competent and committed team responds to the client's expectations in diverse areas of intervention, offering an integrated and high quality service and carrying out a close and transparent monitoring of each project. We contribute to a more sustainable and energy efficient country.


Starting from an intuitive analysis and strategic formulation associated with management skills adapted to the current economic reality, we created an organization capable of responding to current opportunities and challenges with the solutions Energy Efficiency offers to both society and companies alike.


• Honesty, transparency and proximity in the relationship with the Customer.
• Accountability and commitment to identified needs.
• Agility, dynamism and speed of response and intervention.
Improvement, technical capacity and competence of a complete team that allows us to respond at various levels.
• Security, credibility and stability of the solutions presented.


Managing Partner

João Loureiro, Managing Partner

With a degree in Civil Engineering - Structures from Instituto Superior Técnico, João Loureiro has also several Post-Graduations in the areas of Management, Energy, Finance and Entrepreneurship and an extensive complementary technical training.

With 35 years of experience, in the Public and Private sectors, he has been part of projects and held various positions at Lisbon City Council, ASEP, Tecnopert, CP - Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses, Ferrovias e Construções S.A., INO-VIA, Serviços Ferroviários, ACE, Somafel and Ferrovias ACE, Tecnocarril and Ferrovias e Construções S.A. / Mota-Engil, Engenharia e Construção, S.A., before taking over as Managing Partner of Image4All in March of 2016.

Throughout his career he has developed skills in Business and Project Administration and Management, particularly in the areas of Production, Management Control, Quality, Environment, Safety and Innovation; having a broad knowledge of the national and international railway and the Energy (Renewables) and Energy Efficiency markets.

He was also representative of Ferrovias e Construções S.A. at the General Assembly of EFRTC (European Federation Railway Track Constructions), member of the Consultative Committee of APNCF (Associação Portuguesa para a Normalização e Certificação Ferroviária), member of the Installation Commission of PFP (Cluster da Plataforma Ferroviária Portuguesa) and member of the DRBF (Dispute Resolution Board Foundation).

Technical Direction

 António de Oliveira Martins, Engineer
 António Vedes Silva, Eng. Energy and Environment Carlos Nascimento, Eng. Electrotechnician, PQ I, PQ II and SGCIE Technician
 Filipe Coelho Martins, Electromechanical Engineer
 João Pontes Carvalhido, Mechanical Engineer – Energy and SGCIE Technician